Application of Harmonic Gear in Optical Instruments

Application of Harmonic Gear in Optical Instruments


Because the harmonic gear has the advantage of small size, foreign countries try to make plastic into a harmonic gear transmission, which is used in the image clarity adjustment mechanism of optical microscopes, and later in the zoom lens of TV cameras and other types of zoom It is widely used in lenses. Through system control, fully automated operations such as focusing, zooming, and grating adjustment can be realized. For example, the harmonic gear transmission used in the automatic measurement servo system of my country's digital photoelectric centering device, the centering device is to measure the eccentricity of optical parts Of the instrument.

With the development of laser technology, integrated circuits and space optics, the requirements for the accuracy of optical parts are getting higher and higher, which promotes the development of harmonic reducers in the direction of higher accuracy.

At present, the development of medical equipment is growing rapidly. For example, DR and CR digital imaging systems and radiotherapy equipment are inseparable from harmonic transmission. Harmonic gear transmission is superior in its use. In the last century, Japan has been treating cancer equipment. It adopts high-speed ratio harmonic gear transmission. The transmission device is used as the driving mechanism for the rotation and revolution of the cancer treatment machine. The motor adopts a brake motor with a power of 100w. The transmission adopts a two-stage transmission, a flexible wheel with a first-stage transmission and a second-stage transmission. The transmission wave generator is connected, the first-level rigid wheel is connected with the second-level flexible wheel, and the motion is transmitted to the output shaft fixed to the flexible wheel, and the second-level rigid wheel is fixed. The development of equipment transmission, but later was greatly affected by the development of other types of reducers (such as RV reducers).


For now, the potential for future use of harmonic reducers in industrial robots is huge. It is understood that harmonic reducers are mainly used in joint robots. In the past two years, the shipments of industrial joint robots have grown rapidly, which has promoted a surge in demand for related reducers, and specific demand analysis. Those who are engaged in the industrial robot industry will pay attention to one of the three core components of industrial robots-the harmonic reducer. This may be a core component that is no more than a palm. Because the core technology has long been used by foreign brands (such as Japan Hamonaco) Monopoly, domestic industrial robot manufacturers have long relied on purchasing such products from Germany, Japan and other countries. In recent years, China's industrial robot industry has entered a new period of historical opportunity, and has grabbed market share one after another. In China, industries such as mobile phone manufacturing, semiconductors, and liquid crystal production machinery are increasingly demanding small robots. The robot reducer, the key upstream component of these robots, has become an irreplaceable part of the robot's articulated arm, which has brought opportunities for many domestic reducer research and development companies to expand the market.

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