What are the reasons why the bearing has not been used for a long time?

What are the reasons why the bearing has not been used for a long time?

The service life of the TIMKEN bearing not only depends on the quality of the product itself, but also other factors that will affect the service life of the bearing. If you want to use the bearing for a longer time, it is nothing more than the maintenance of the bearing. The purpose of this is to find and solve the problem in time. So as to avoid the severity of bearing damage.

For proper storage, the bearings should be stored in their original packaging before installation. Need to stay in a clean, moisture-free, relatively constant temperature environment. Rolling bearings should be kept away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shake and vibration may permanently destroy the mechanical properties of the bearing, so vibration should be avoided during handling and storage. At the stage of bearing selection, many factors need to be considered, such as: hardness, load, operating environment, etc. A good bearing design will first enable the bearing to reach its ideal life value.

Installation and removal of bearings. The right tool should be chosen. Industry experts estimate that 16% of premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect installation. Generally speaking, suitable bearing installation equipment will be adopted for mass installation. Cleanliness, which is very important for rolling bearings. The rotating surface of the bearing ring is very smooth and very sensitive to damage caused by contaminants. Particulate impurities will be excessively crushed by the rolling elements to generate local pressure in the bearing, and even cause permanent material fatigue.


Install and remove carefully. The following is a summary: Do not use any hard tools to directly hit the bearing surface, which will cause the bearing ring to break or break. Do not apply installation force on the rolling elements, which can easily lead to local overload of the contact surface of the rolling elements and the race, leading to premature failure of the bearing.

Generally, the bearings will not be removed from the equipment, only the larger bearings will be removed for preventive maintenance. During the disassembly process, you should first use the correct tools to ensure that the adjacent parts are not damaged!

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