How much do you know about the accuracy grade of the bearing?

How much do you know about the accuracy grade of the bearing?


Because of different user needs and the different user needs for bearings, the INA bearing accuracy provided by different manufacturers is also different. But no matter how much bearing accuracy is required, there is still a grade standard for bearing accuracy. The following are some introductions to the accuracy grades of bearings.


The accuracy of bearings is generally divided into: dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy.

The accuracy grade standards of bearings are: 0, 6X, 6, 5, 4, and 2 six levels.

Bearing accuracy is increased from level 0. For general use, level 0 is enough to meet the demand, but when used in some conditions or occasions that require high precision, accuracy of level 5 or higher is required.

Although the accuracy level is based on the ISO standard, it is limited to domestic. Compared with foreign countries, the names and standards of products are different in different countries.

Bearing dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation)

1. Allowable deviation of inner diameter, outer diameter, width and assembly width

2. The allowable deviation of the diameter of the inner circle and the diameter of the outer circle of the roller group

3. Allowable limit value of chamfer size

4. Allowable variation of width

Bearing rotation accuracy (items related to the beating of rotating body)

1. Allowable radial runout and axial runout of the inner ring and outer ring

2. Allowable lateral runout of the inner ring

3. Allowable variation of the inclination of the outer diameter surface

4. Allowable variation of the thickness of the thrust bearing raceway

5. Allowable deviation and allowable variation of tapered hole

Bearing type and applicable accuracy class

Selection of bearing accuracy

For a good bearing, in terms of its quality and longevity, the more important thing is that it should exist where it should be suitable. Where it suits him, there must be a precision level to divide it. You can never let a high-precision bearing replace ordinary bearings. Isn't it overkill? In the same way, ordinary bearings cannot replace bearings with high precision grades. 

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